BottomsUp! Mondays @ BOE Restaurant + Bar [CLOSED]

I discovered BOE Restaurant + Bar during the Dine-N-Dash event 2 weeks ago.

As I mentioned in that post, I HAD TO COME BACK for a full dining experience.

My homie Phoebe, who is in town from Zambia, read my DINE-N-DASH recap and wanted to dine there.

We set a date and Judi, a mutual friend of ours joined as well.

Reservations for 5pm. Arrived on time, except for … Not gonna say names LOL!

We were immediately taken to our table where Michael, our server, was already waiting for us.

Nice setting, right?

Michael gave us a very nice and detailed overview of the menu.

We all went for the BOTTOMS UP! MONDAYS.

It is a 3-course Prix Fixe Dinner Menu, for $29.

You can also add the BOTTOMLESS option for select wines, drafts and cocktails for $19 for 2 hours!

Unsure of her Wine By The Glass selection, Michael offered Phoebe a sample of the Rosé, which she loved!

The Sous Vide Cocktails, the NAMES!

I went for the Porn Star (which is served with a shot of Sparkling Wine).

Phoebe also got the Should I Get High on My Wedding Day.

OH and drinks were on the house, courtesy of Ashley, Events Manager at BOE!

T H A N K  Y O U  A S H L E Y !!!


These were both G O O D!

Phoebe’s cocktail had a spicy rush, which was different.

I love trying new things, expanding my taste buds, stepping out of the ordinary!

Now, the Porn Star.

Do you see my $ bill? LOL!

Very yummy, with a tropical feel. I highly recommend it.

Now let’s get down to the food!


Phoebe’s Selections:

Mac N Cheese Balls
Braised Beef


Chocolate Fondant Cake


Judi’s Selections:

Caesar Salad
Chicken & Donut

Judi also got the Chocolate Fondant Cake for dessert.


My selections:

Tempura Sushi Roll
Shrimp & Grits

I was a little disappointed with the decomposed Banana Bread Pudding.

Something about bananas laying in a plate for me. NO BUENO.

But the rum ice cream was delicious and when I did combine all components, it was OK.

 E V E R Y T H I N G  W A S  G O O D!

From the food to the service and being personally welcomed by Ashley, A PLUS!


B O E is definitely a great spot for Happy Hour, Bachelorette Party Dinner, or to just simply to catch up with girlfriends as Phoebe, Judi and I did.

Be sure to visit BOE this summer!


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