Lobster Dinner On The Beach @ Catalonia Playa Maroma Resort

A Romantic Lobster Dinner on the Beach was just perfect for our last night in Mexico. We had a GREAT TIME and were not looking forward to leaving the next day.

I was so excited about dinner. It was my first time, having dinner on the beach and on top of it, with the Love of my life 🙂

Dinner time was set for 7pm. Trust me, I started getting ready 2 hours prior just in case I needed to make some hair or wardrobe changes.

#WomenIssues, I have them ALL THE TIME!


My oh my…The closer we got to the beach, the more windy it was.

No candles for us.


We were not going to be alone. Seems like other vacationers had planned for this lovely dinner as well.


He still pulls out my chair. We’ve been together for almost 9 years. Such a gentleman.



Our server, Augustin, took our drink orders: House Wine for me and Pina Colada for the Hubby, who is not a wine drinker.


I loved the wine and of course, the Pina Colada was great. The taste was consistent during our stay. No variations, AMAZING!

We started with some Warm Bread Rolls. Some stuffed with cheese.


Now, we were here for a Romantic Lobster Dinner and I thought that was all we would be served.

Then Augustin mentioned that we were starting our dinner with Beef Carpaccio, which is thinly sliced raw meat and usually served as an appetizer.

I knew the meat would be raw but did not mention it to the Hubby as I wanted him to experience it for himself without any pre-conceived notions.

He digged in and killed it!


OMG, it was so good. The cheeses, grapefruit. Now my husband does not eat cheese but he loved this one.

We inquired and Augustin mentioned that it was Parmesan Cheese from Italy. The taste was so distinct.

Our next course was served and I whispered to Hubby: “Is this the Lobster Dinner? It’s small.

” Then Augustin said: “Your next course is Octopus.

I was surprised, another course before our main entrée?


I raised my brows. NEVER had octopus before and had NEVER planned on trying it.

Here I was with a plate of several pieces of it. It was really good.

It was grilled and served on a little bed of Mashed Potatoes, which were phenomenal.

Sipping on wine and Pina Colada, is all I did in between our courses. Why not?


All the Hubby did was, record a video of my rap song LOL! #Archived


Main entrée. Served.


Not only served but delicious, meaty, well-seasoned. The Rice, not sure what it’s called but it was really good. Reminded me of Risotto, maybe that’s what it was. I ate it all!

I have to say that I struggled to finish my Lobster. S O   M U C H  F O O D!

After a few minutes of relaxing in our chairs and trying to digest all this food, we thought dinner was over. We got up, left a tip for Augustin and started walking away. “Come back, come back, I have dessert for you” (in his Mexican accent) said Augustin.

Back to the sand we returned.


Tiramisu for dessert. P E R F E C T!

Augustin was a great server.

His responses to all of our requests were: “My pleasure”.

He was just amazing!



Though we were sad about leaving the next day, we had so much fun and enjoyed our romantic dinner.

We were treated like royalty!

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