Luxury + Delights @ Sofitel Montréal

We traveled to Montréal over the weekend for the Hubby’s uncle’s wedding celebration.

First trip (and an international one at that) with the little one TOO!

AMAZING,even though our luggage did not show up till 12 hours after our arrival.

What made this trip even better is that we got to stay at Sofitel, a luxury French hotel chain. My favorite.

Perfectly located in Downtown Montréal with beautiful city views, restaurants and stores for shopping within walking distance.

The service was I M P E C C A B L E and has always been whenever I stay at one of their locations.

Hubby and I had a quick lunch at the Renoir Restaurant, located on the lobby level of the hotel.

Very nice and chic with a patio seating area with street views.

I think that it’s also a perfect spot for dinner with the girls or even a romantic dinner.

Trust me guys, she WILL BE impressed.

I was also told that their Sunday Brunch is popping, which surely calls for another trip.

It was about 4pm when we arrived but unfortunately, dinner menu did not start till 5pm.

We were very hungry so went for the little bar menu they offered.

Le (HAM)Bourgeois de YUL + Sweet Potato Fries + a COKE pour moi et les Cote KCG pour Monsieur.

While we were waiting on our food, Hubby noticed that all of the guests sitting in the patio area were served a little tray of Amuse Bouche composed of Wasabi and Sesame Bites, Green and Black Olives and Mini Pretzels.

We had been there for about 15-20 minutes and none was brought to our table.

Queried the waitress about it and her answer was: “Oh, you want some?”

Dumbfounded look on my face. Really? All the guests had one so why would I have to ask for one?

I was a bit disappointed by that. Felt like we were being treated differently than the other tables.

The Coke bottle was meant for Elijah and NOT me.

Look at how small it was.

This Hamburger was by far one of the BEST I’ve had.

It had caramelized onions, mushrooms and I requested some avocado.

It was juicy.

(Yet again forgot to take a pic of Hubby’s food)

A gentleman who was waiting other tables came and checked on us to make sure all was good.

Kind of made up for the waitress.

I couldn’t complain anyways because I was highly satisfied with the food.

We ordered room service the next morning and the Pastry Basket from the Continental Breakfast was SO SO GOOD!

They were freshly baked.


Despite the little hiccup with the waitress, I will NOT hesitate to stay at Sofitel Montréal again.

Would love to discover THAT BRUNCH as mentioned earlier!

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