Heavenly Breakfast @ Mosaic Bistro & Bar

Let me start off by saying that this place is one of my favorites in the area, for breakfast or brunch.

During our pregnancies, my girl Sandra and I used to come almost EVERY SATURDAY!


I think the last time I ate here must have been just after I had Elijah.

Walked in and was IN SHOCK!

Mosaic Cuisine and Café was now Mosaic Bistro & Bar, a French Restaurant with dishes inspired by cuisines from all around the world [Chef is French].

W O W !

New décor with a bar area, upgraded lighting, new chairs.

Servers walking around with what looked like Ipads for orders and payment.

I was really impressed.

We were seated in one of the booths, still in amazement.

Rebecca had previously been there with me and was in shock as well.

Took a look at the BREAKFAST menu and noticed that the pricing was the same, despite the renovation.

Very nice. I appreciate that.

 I always start off with a Peppermint Tea. I loooooove it!

I love the combination of Sweet and Savory whenever it comes to breakfast.

What about you?

You can do this by selecting of the Omelette options under the Breakfast menu.

I usually order the Mosaic Omelette: Spinach, Tomatoes and Swiss Cheese.

This is also served with the addition of a Potato Hash and 1/2 Waffle.

My greedy self (and I am NOT ashamed of it) requests a whole waffle instead of the half. There is a minor additional charge for that.

The waffles at Mosaic are simply heavenly.

So light, they melt in your mouth.

O M G !

The Potato Hash is SO GOOD!


I have been coming to Mosaic for about 3 years now and I kid you NOT:

The food is CONSISTENT.

The service is always excellent.

The staff is very pleasant and welcoming, with a smile.

This is the place to go to if you are looking for an inexpensive breakfast spot in the Rockville area.

You will NOT be disappointed!



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