California-Style Brunch @ Summer House Santa Monica

A Brunch date, planned months ahead [with the exception of the venue].

My friend Sandra moved to Texas last Summer and was visiting Maryland

this past weekend. Oh how I missed our “spur of the moment” Brunch dates.


Literally waking up in the wee hours of the morning and one of us texting the other messages like:


“I’m craving waffles/pancakes” or “Let’s do Brunch”

This time around, I was in NO MOOD for the usual spots.

I wanted to discover something new.

I searched high and low, and finally came across Summer House Santa Monica

in North Bethesda, Maryland.

We pull up to the mini Town Center where Summer House is located and spot the venue.


Never seen anything like it in the DMV.

Parked the truck and made our way to the restaurant.


Trust me, you will fall in love with this place, the setting alone!

We checked in [made reservations] and were seated immediately.

Still amazed by the décor. Taking it all in.

The only things missing for me were: the ocean & sand in between my toes.

Plenty of natural light throughout the restaurant. Refreshing.

We started with Passion Fruit juice for Sandra and a the Passion Fruit Margarita for me.

 We were ready to indulge and decided to share 3 of the Brunch entrées:

Our Very Nice Caramelized French Toast 

The Acapulco Omelette

Last but not least, Chicken & Waffles

[I don’t know why I always fall for chicken and waffles HAHAHAHA]

The omelette was OK. I wouldn’t order again but loved the little spicy kick it had.

Let me tell you: TO DIE FOR  & A MUST if you visit!

It was probably the BEST French Toast I’ve ever had. HANDS DOWN!

I was a bit disappointed with the Chicken & Waffles.

The waffles were good but nothing spectacular about them.

The Chicken Strips were missing flavor.

I requested a dipping sauce from our server. She suggested Salsa or their Spicy Mayo.

I went for the Mayo, which took this dish to another level.

If you order the Chicken & Waffles, I strongly recommend you request the Spicy Mayo!

Overall, we had a wonderful time.

Service was great! Food was GOOD and will definitely visit again.

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