Sunday Brunch @ Barrel and Crow

As I mentioned in my previous post, Bethesda Magazine Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to discover new restaurants with exclusively discounted menus.

$16 for 2-course lunch menu / $36 for 3-course dinner menu

In the spirit of taking advantage of these discounted menus, I went to Barrel and Crow for lunch last Sunday.

They are a neighborhood restaurant, offering contemporary regional cuisine, in the heart of downtown Bethesda.

Let me tell you what made me pick Barrel and Crow.

The restaurant week lunch menu had Crab Beignets and Spiced Shrimp & Grits.

I was completely sold and just could not wait to slowly devour those beignets and grits.


We arrived promptly, NOT late this time.


Latest #Naturalista in town & sis-in-law, Mimi, joined.

Doesn’t she look lovely with her new look?

So happy for her!

Let me not get side tracked talking about natural hair.

Back to Barrel and Crow.

So, we arrived and were immediately seated.

Restaurant was not packed.

Host provided us with the menu.

However, the restaurant week options were not listed.

He mentioned that they were not observing restaurant week on Sundays and they were only offering the Brunch menu.


That just completely threw me off as I had my mind set on those menu items I previously mentioned.

Anywho, let’s regroup.

We got Mimosas for starters.

Then placed our brunch orders.

We were served complimentary Cinnamon and Sugar Beignets with Whipped Cream.

They were yummy.

Entrées were NEXT!

Mimi ordered the Fried Amish Chicken with Waffles.

 Look at the crust on that chicken.

Sprinkled some Tabasco on that beast.


Chicken was moist and delicious.

I did not fall for the Chicken and Waffles this time.

I went for the Challah French Toast with Bacon for a change.

The French Toast was really good.

The Bacon.

Did you see it?

Bacon is E V E R Y T H I N G.

One word to summarize this brunch escapade:

S T U F F E D to the D!

Now, in terms of service, it was wack.

The host, who ended up being our server, did not even introduce himself.

That’s #1.

#2, when we were done eating and waiting on check, he was busy running his mouth with diners at the bar.

Tried to get his attention several times.

I heard his whole life story and how he moved to DC!

Finally got the bill and decided to take it to him to avoid waiting again.

Other than that, the food was delicious.

I have my eyes on those Crab Beignets & Shrimp and Grits though.

Another brunch escapade in the books!

Bethesda Magazine Restaurant Week ends this Sunday, as well as DC Restaurant Week.


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