Southern Italian @ Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria e Bar

It’s Bethesda Magazine Restaurant Week and what a great opportunity to discover various cuisines with reasonable price fixe menus in Bethesda, Maryland.

$16 for a 2-course lunch menu / $36 for a 3-course dinner menu

Really can’t beat that!

I had been to Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria e Bar for a late happy hour and was glad that they were one of the participating restaurants.

Perfect occasion to have a full dining experience.

Made it into a date night with the Hubby!

Why am I always late for dinner reservations?

Checked in with the host, who happened to be the Manager.

Then, seated and welcomed by server, James.

We started with placing our libation picks.

Unfortunately for me, they do not offer their Moscato by the glass, only by the bottle.


James recommended a German wine, the Gewurtzrameiner (try pronouncing that).

It was pretty good, sweet and a little strong. Had me feeling some type of way TOO!

I recommend it if you are looking for a sweet white wine and if you’re not willing to go for that Moscato bottle.

The Hubby went for a Margarita, which he said was good too.

We were served a little plate of bread, which was yummy.

Now time to make our appetizer and entrée selections.

The selections listed on the menu for Restaurant Week were slightly different than what we had seen online.

The Parmigiana Di Pollo was no longer an option, which was what I had in mind.

I inquired about the discrepancy. The Manager came over, apologized, mentioned the menu had been updated and made adjustments.

Terence went for the Salmone.

 We both ordered the Calamari as an appetizer.

The Marinara sauce was spicy. Yum!

Calamari was crunchy, fresh.

I ate every piece, except for the octopus looking ones.

They freak me out. LOL!

 Our entrées were served.

Starting with Terence’s Salmone.

Why did Terence say that the Tomato sauce in this dish reminded him of his Mom’s sauce.

Must have been really good huh?

He mentioned the Salmon was a bit salty, which I have to agree with.

However, very delicious.

Now, my turn!

I am not a Chicken Parmesan fan, but I loved this one!

The sauce, the chicken, the pasta.


Did you forget about dessert?

Terence had the Gelati Esorbetti, Chocolate Flavor.

I had the NY Cheesecake, Olive Oil and Pistachio Cake.

That cheesecake was BOMB!

The blueberries literally burst in my mouth.


Wonderful dining experience as I hoped it would be.

The service was great!

Look at me, ready to pass out and so stuffed!


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