Fine Dining @ The Capital Grille

Let me start by saying that this was probably one of the best foodie escapade I’ve EVER had.

Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week was on last week and I could NOT wait to dine at  The Capital Grille in Chevy Chase, MD.


I had previously dined here a couple of years ago and wanted to bring you all the delicious and yummy scoop about this restaurant.

My foodie friend Tichou, who is in town from Abidjan, was my dinner partner for this indulgence.

This dude loves to eat TOO!

Perfect friendship, right?

We can do ANYTHING over food.


While we were driving, he was browsing the menu and making his selections, which happened to be EXACTLY what I had picked.

Copycat, LMAO!

We arrived and were taken to the upper level of the restaurant for dining.

We were seated and waited for our server.

“Good evening Ms. N’Kodia, my name is Michael and I’ll be your server for tonight”

Say, what!

I just knew that dinner was going to be AMAZING!

Service was already on point and dinner service had not even begun.

Reservations were for 9:15pm.

We were both starving and ready to order!

We requested a 1/2 bottle of Mosacato D’Asti, followed by a complimentary Bread Basket.

The bread was fresh, warm, delicious.

I could have eaten it ALL.

Our first course, Caesar Salad, was served.

It was good.

Then came our entrées.

We picked one of the Chef Suggestions’ entrées:

Filet Mignon + Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with Herb Butter with Sam’s Mashed Potatoes.

 This 2nd course was:

“WOW IN THE MOUTH” as Tichou put it.

The filet mignon was E V E R Y T H I N G.

The shrimp, with a little sprinkle of lemon, S C R U M P T I O U S.

Don’t you just want to bite your screen OFF right about now?

The mashed potatoes were delicious as well.

Honestly, the words I used to describe this dining experience are an understatement.

The Classic Creme Brulée was both of our dessert choice.

Simply delightful.

What an amazing dining experience.

As I mentioned earlier, service was A+, I M P E C C A B L E.

Michael, our server, was outstanding.

The food was WOW!

Tichou and I had left the premises, STUFFED & READY TO PASS OUT!


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