Wafels @ Belga Café

When your #Foodie friend/partner/sister is in town, a foodie escapade is SO NECESSARY!

We discovered a Capitol Hill gem, Belga Café, known for their Wafels.


(Covers her face) We were late LOL. Yet again.

We requested roof top seating (first), patio seating (second), both FULL!

However, we were immediately seated inside, despite our late arrival.

It’s a really cute spot with a nice and simple setting.


Hadn’t eaten ANYTHING, saving room in our tummies.

So we were ready to go IN.

Why order 3 separate glasses of wine when you can get a bottle for almost the same price?

Bottle, please!

We went for:

 White Bordeaux Wine, Cadillac (sweet), Chateau Les Grandes Terres, 2005.

Sweet with dry notes. Reminded us of another French Wine, Monbazillac.

As you can see we were off to a great start!

Belga Café is known for their amazing wafels so all three of us ordered Wafels based dishes.

They have various offerings: burgers, steak, salads, etc…

Our brunch selections were served in no time!

Yasmine’s pick was the Brusselse Wafels with Berries, Mint and Whipped Cream + side of Bacon.


Our friend went for 2 selections:

BananenCake Wafels (Banana Waffle, Bacon, Pyrat Rum and Chocolate Sauce)



His 2nd option was the Omelet Ham En Kaas (Ham and Gruyere Cheese Omelet, Beer Braised Pork Sausages and Hash Browns) 

Are you salivating yet?

Wanna lick your screen?


 I went for the Brusselse Wafels like Yasmine.

However, with the Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and Hash Browns + a bowl of Fresh Berries.

You know how your food is served, tastes SO GOOD and the table just goes G H O S T!

The waffles were A M A Z I N G.

W O W !

The marriage of the sweet and savory pieces to make the full puzzle (don’t mind me) .

Just D E L I C I O U S.

The service was great!

Our server, Duc, who was from Vietnam, was very nice.

I will definitely come again, maybe for dinner?

The Belgian Mussels Pots sound so tasty.

We were also in Capitol Hill so why not do a little sightseeing.


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