Bassam Escape @ La Taverne Bassamoise

My foodie bestie, Yasmine (Afrofoodie), tagged along with us. It’s always a pleasure

to share foodie escapades with her.

La Taverne Bassamoise was our venue choice.

Check out the entrance and little seating area.

Flower pots, made out of sea shells.

Take a walk with me as I lead you to our little hut for the afternoon.

There is also a nice and large swimming pool area for kids and adults.

(Forgot to take pictures of the pool area).


I loved it.

Being able to sit right there and look into the ocean and admiring beach merchants.


We settled in, then placed our orders as we were starving.

Our selections were:

2 orders of Shrimp and Avocado Salad as appetizers (which came with Avocado).

2 orders of Grilled Fish + 1 order of Grilled Chicken with sides of Alloko + Attiéké +

Green Beans.

Let’s not forget a little Rosé to take us through the delicious meal we would soon be served.

As we waited for the appetizers, we relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.

First course is served.

Oh it was so good except that I wish the Avocado was a little more ripe.

The dressing, the shrimp were yummy with that a little baguette.

A little while later, I saw our server, approaching with a tray full of plates.


Time to devour our entrées.

E V E R Y T H I N G  W A S  D E L I C I O U S.


The fish was fresh as can be.

My Alloko (fried plaintains) were sweet, perfectly ripe, just how I like them.

There’s something about having Alloko in Abidjan, mehn!

They just have a unique taste that cannot be replicated.

I know my Ivorian folks would agree with me on this.

There was no need for dessert as we were stuffed and heading for a food coma.

Yasmine and I spent a little time with beach merchants, purchasing little things such as Toasted Coconut and Sweet Peanuts.

What an amazing afternoon!

Reliving childhood moments I shared with my parents and siblings.

Be sure to visit Grand-Bassam and La Taverne Bassamoise if you are ever in Cote d’Ivoire!

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