DINE-N-DASH ’16: Culinary Tour of Washington DC

Dine-N-Dash, a culinary tour of Washington DC, was back again this year with 30+ restaurants to sample bites, live music, libations, dancing and fun!

This yearly event, hosted by Chef Jose Andres & Friends, benefits the World Central Kitchen, an international organization that focuses on smart solutions to hunger and poverty. Furthermore:

~ Health: Cleaner cooking with clean cook stoves and food safety/sanitation training.

~ Education: School kitchens to support feeding programs that encourage school attendance and provide a source of sustainable revenue for the school.

~ Jobs: Culinary training to elevate the hospitality workforce, increase earnings, enhance quality of life, and strengthen Haiti’s economy.

Click here for more information on World Central Kitchen.

My coworkers (Yvette & Denise) and friend (Christine & her mom) tagged along.

The more, the merrier!

Left to right: Christine, Yvette and Ana
Denise (left)
Christine & I

Tickets were $125 for regular admission.

Next year, I am attending this event, VIP style!

Not only to you get to savor over 100 bites but your participation helps communities in Haiti, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and the United States.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of this AMAZING evening!

We checked in at Zaytinya, where we were also provided with a restaurant guide.

Pita Chips, Lamb Shoulder Lettuce Bed, Greek Olives, Spanakopita, Regular Hummus & Beet Hummus

Garides Me Anitho: Sautéed Shrimp, Dill, Lemon Juice, Shallots, Mustard a caption
Shish Taouk (Grilled Chicken Skewer, Sumac, Onions, Garlic Toum and Grilled Tomatoes) & Falafel
Display: Greek Olives, Regular Hummus, Beet Hummus, Tahini Sauce & Pita Chips

The food at Zaytinya was AMAZING and so was service.

Ran into an old friend, Kim!

Ran into an old friend, Kim
And a little fun with this guy!


We enjoyed the lovely Mezze with Sparkling Wine & Sangria.

Our evening was definitely off to a great start!

Off we dashed to Zengo.

Japanese Chicken Meatballs
Salmon Ceviche

Achiote Hoisin Pork Arepa: Corn Masa, Avocado and Crema Fresca
Shrimp Vegetable Pot Stickers

I was only thrilled by the Chicken Meatballs and Shrimp-Vegetable Potstickers.

I did not like the sweetness in the Salmon Ceviche and was a bit confused with the flavor in the Pork Arepa.

Though I’ve heard great things about it, I have to say that I was not really impressed with the offerings at Cuba Libre.

Mojitos ON DECK!
Papas Rellenas: Potato Croquettes


Mami Totty’s Arroz con Leche
Shrimp Ceviche, I think! (Can’t remember)

The pork was juicy and tasty
Cuban Flan

I may have to pay them a visit and have a proper dining experience to confirm whether I like their food or not.

Still a little on the edge!

Dashed off to Mango Tree.

Very nice and neat place but I tell ya!

I did not enjoy the food here AT ALL.

Eggplant Plate (Gluten Free)
Crispy Spring Roll
Fried Rice
I can’t remember the name of this cocktail but it was good and a little spicy


Sundried Pork


Beef Curry

The service at Mango Tree was horrible, compared to the other spots we had visited.

My faves from their offerings: Fried Rice + Eggplant Salad.

We also tried their CharGrilled Chicken Satay but it was horrible.

There was a strong after taste that came bursting in my mouth, OUT OF NOWHERE!

I am getting excited about this next spot because they had one of my favorite
things to eat!

Let’s go to B O E !

Another fave spot of the evening for me, with their cabin-like interior, beautiful fireplace.

It’s actually located where Oyamel used to be.

Crispy Mac N Cheese Bites

I loved the crunchiness of the crumbs on this bite but was not a fan of the inside.

It was OK.

Adobo Fried Chicken & Maple Kimchi Donut

It was GOOD! Add a litle sprinkle of Maple Syrup on this yummy combo and you’ve got yourself a mini Chicken and Waffles affair!


Shrimp & Grits

My oh my!

I HAVE to go back and have me some Shrimp & Grits!

I was starting to get full but this was SO GOOD that I had to have 2 of them.

Now that I think about it, I should’ve add 3!

B O E, I’ll see you VERY SOON!

You’d think by now we would be like: “AIGHT, THAT’S IT FOR THE NIGHT” but we were eager
to check out a couple more places and next up was SEI Restaurant.

I had eaten there a couple of times and it’s one of those spots where I don’t really know how to feel about the food, LOL!

They were serving Sushi, Tacos and Kobe Sliders.

All three of these treats were very yummy.

The sliders were so juicy!

Last but not least.

We stopped at China Chilcano.


I was so excited when this restaurant opened back in 2014 (if I remember well).

But when I browsed the menu, I was not thrilled by it.

However, this was a great opportunity for me to sample their offerings.

Needless to say, I was NOT thrilled AT ALL.


The Pork was delicious but I am not sure I liked what looked similar to Mashed Potatoes
and the gravy.

The Aeropuerto (Fried Rice) sample was also served. It is a combo of fried rice, egg noodles and 20 seasonal vegetables (according to restaurant menu).

Forgot to take a picture, LOL.

I have to say that I liked it. It was delicious and refreshing!

[Do not expect your typical Chinese Fried Rice. That is NOT what it is].

Out of 30+, as you can see, we were only able to check out 6 restaurants.

I honestly think that 4 hours is not enough to cover this culinary tour.

But definitely worth it!

I am looking forward to next year’s DINE-N-DASH, hoping to do it VIP style and discover the restaurants we were unable to dash to.


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