Late Night Happy Hour @ Kajazoma Restaurant

My series of posts from my trip to Abidjan has come to an end (sad face).

However, I share this last foodie escapade with such excitement: the setting, the self-named cocktail, simply to die for.

 I reconnected with a couple of old friends over a late happy hour at Kajazoma Restaurant in the residential and commercial neighborhood of 2 (deux) Plateaux.

My fellow foodie and sister, Afrofoodie, recommended this location as she had previously visited and loved the atmosphere.

Kajazoma is artistic, upscale and also gives you that backyard feel with a great ambiance and pool view that adds another layer of coziness to this venue.

We started off with drinks and it was only right for me to indulge in the Kajazoma Cocktail, which was a combination of Bissap (Sorrel juice) and Gnamakoudji (homemade ginger juice) with other components.

No need to comment any further on this delighful and refreshing libation: I had 2 of them!

After a few drinks, we decided to dine there instead of going to another spot.

The owner informed us that the kitchen was closing soon and encouraged us to place our orders immediately.

She recommended the Filet de Boeuf de Ferké, which Bintou and I both ordered.

Ngadi went for French Fries.

Yasmine stuck to her libations.

We were then moved to the dining area.


Beautiful and simple table setting.

Some red wine to pair with our meaty and hearty dinner, why not?

Our dining selections were served shortly after.

Bintou’s Filet de Boeuf was served with an assortment of vegetables.

 Mine with a combination of French Fries + Vegetables.

The beef was very tender with hints of ginger.

The disappointing part was that it wasn’t well seasoned (in my opinion and Bintou’s as well).

The French Fries were homemade and I loved them!

Overall, it was a good dish with a lot of potential.

The service was great.

It’s always a nice touch when the owner attends to your table or dining needs.

I strongly recommend this location for birthday dinners, happy hour or even a quick business meeting.

The girls and I had a good time!

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