3.1 @ Seasons 52

This sure was a Birthday Celebration to be remember!

Birthdays are SUPER important to me and I love to celebrate over a lovely dinner

with family and close friends.

This year, we dined at Seasons 52 in North Bethesda, Maryland.

Tables for 21 were set up in the Napa Room.

This restaurant is all about what is good NOW, seasonally inspired by ingredients

at their peak of freshness.

Before booking restaurant reservations for a large crowd, I always check the menu to make sure that there is something for everyone.

As long as there is chicken or steak, WE ARE GOOD TO GO!

Not everyone is adventurous as I am but I like to ensure that my guests will also have

a wonderful experience.

 We started with cocktails.

I originally requested a glass of Moscato then changed my selection to the Mango Jalapeno Crush Cocktail, which I thought was very interesting.

It was composed of ingredients as Cilantro, Jalapeno, Cucumber and of course, Mango.

Sweet and spicy tones.

There was an equal balance between the salty and sweet aspects of the cocktail.

I loved it!

Another cocktail ordered on my table was the Pomegranate Margarita Martini.

Christa said it was sweet and she loved it.

As much as I wanted to capture most of the dishes ordered during dinner service, I was only able to snap those on my side of the table.

Let me start by telling you that EVERYONE loved their selections.

The Garlic Pesto Chicken Flatbread was a HIT!

Cedric raved about how delicious the Pesto sauce was.

However, Sandra said she didn’t like it much.

Mixed reviews there for different taste palettes.

When I think of Shrimp Scampi, I think shrimp (DUUUUH!), pasta, garlic bits and

a little light sauce.

That was not the case for Seasons 52’s Shrimp Scampi Skillet.

It was served with Roasted Plum Tomatoes and what they call Crispy Bomba Rice.

Quite a twist on this Italian dish, right?

 Sandra said it was OK.

Christa’s Wood-Grilled Filet Mignon was amazing.

She loved the red wine sauce.

I always fall for Shrimp and Grits.

I don’t know why.


So, I went for their Southern Style Shrimp and Grits and so did 3 of my guests.

They really liked it.

I wish the dish had more grits.

There was lots of bacon and it became a little overpowering for me in terms of the salt.

They were generous with the amount of shrimp.

Overall, it was good.

Just a little less bacon and more grits for next time.

My Main Lobster Tail accompaniment was THE BOMB!

It was grilled to perfection, tender, juicy & tasty.

The Ahi Tuna Tartare was truly out of this world.

One of the best I’ve had.

You could taste how fresh the tuna and other components of this delicious appetizer were!

Service was amazing from the time I booked the reservation to the end of our dining experience.

We had 2 servers, one for each of the tables.

Neils, who served our table, was very patient. Imagine serving a table of 10?

He did great, was always smiling and was very pleasant.

 My lovely Rosette Cake by Classic Bakery was amazing!

Yellow Cake with Hazelnut Cream with light gold ombré details.

The pictures above do not do the cake justice, AT ALL!

I’d like to thank Seasons 52 for hosting us and my lovely crew for gracing my birthday dinner with their presence!

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