Kenyan Delicacies @ Swahili Village Bar and Grill

Where do I start with this amazing East African Restaurant?

For almost three years, I have been working about 10 minutes away from Swahili Village Bar and Grill.

I have driven past it countless times and I’ve heard about how amazing the food is.

I had to put a STOP to this long wait and just got for it.

So I organized a little #TGIF lunch with a few colleagues so that we could all discover Kenyan Cuisine, at their new location off Rhose Island Avenue in Beltsville, Maryland.

I called on Wednesday and spoke with Isaac who took our orders for Friday, to save some time since we were going there during our lunch break.

We had 6 dine-in orders and 2 take-out orders.

I just could NOT wait!

As you walk towards the restaurant, you’ll notice a “KARIBU” sign, which means “welcome” in Swahili.

I had never been to the previous location but the renovations look amazing with wooden walls and African art, my favorite.

Now let’s get down to the food.

For appetizers, we ordered:


The taste, spices of the samosas took me back to my childhood.

They were cooked and seasoned just the way I remembered them to be.

I even got a second order to-go. They were THAT GOOD!

Swahili Basket

Billy loved the basket!

Let’s move to our entrées.

 Nyoma Choma (Grilled Beef Steak) with Ndizi Karanga (Fried Plantains) + Pilau Rice


 Nyama Mchuzi (Beef Stew) with Sukuma Wiki (Collard Grens) + White Rice

Mbuzi Mchuzi (Goat Stew) with Chapati (Kenyan Flatbread) + Kabeji (Cabbage)

 Kuku Choma (Grilled Chicken Breast) with Pilau Rice + Ndizi Karanga (Fried Plantains)

Let’s just say that the food was A M A Z I N G.

All of my colleagues loved their dishes.

If you wanted to make your dish spicier, they had a little side of hot peppeh!

The service was absolutely fantastic.

I got to meet Isaac, who also served us. The orders were on point with no mistakes!

If you have not visited this African gem in Beltsville, I suggest you do so when you’re done with your Thanksgiving leftovers!

As you leave the restaurant, there is a sign with “ASANTE” with means “thank you” in Swahili.

I say ASANTE Swahili Bar and Grill for an amazing dining experience and for allowing us to escape to Kenya through these delicious dishes.

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