Anniversary & Valentine’s Day Dinner @ The Wine Kitchen On The Creek

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day Celebration!

Not only did the Hubby and I celebrate Valentine’s Day, we also celebrated our 11-year anniversary.

YES, IT’S ALREADY BEEN THAT LONG and I remember it all as if it was yesterday.

The way he asked me out, via phone, super late at night!

A decision I do not regret.

We are truly blessed.

For the special occasion, we decided to discover The Wine Kitchen On The Creek in Frederick, Maryland, our new neighborhood.

It is seasonal American bistro that prides itself in local and organic ingredients from the region.

 Always start with drinks FIRST!

I got my usual, a glass of Moscato.

Terence went for a cocktail, The Don Randall, which was a little acidic.

I almost jumped out of my chair when I noticed Mussels under the Starters’ section.

 I love Mussels, especially when the broth they’re served in is exquisite.

The Wine Kitchen did not disappoint.

 The broth was OH MY GOD delicious.

Just imagine: dipping the grilled Focaccia into that lemograss and cilantro broth.

There is no way I can eat here without ordering this appetizer.


Terence went for the WK Cobb Salad.

With a starter so good, I could only imagine what each of the entrées would taste like.

The Braised Wild Boar Shank, which apparently is from Texas, was Terence’s entrée pick.

This tender and flavorful, easy to pull apart meat was served with Acorn Squash, Pineapple Glazed Carrots and Braised Red Cabbage.

The Squash purée had sweet notes, perfectly paired with the Boar.

I was a little torn about my pick.

Our server recommended the Trout, which he referred to as the cousin of Salmon.

I had never had it before and decided to go for it.

OMG, pure deliciousness.

It was perfectly cooked and tasty.

I ordered a side of Mashed Potatoes to add to my dish.

Smooth and creamy are the words I would use to describe this side.

Everything was perfect!

Service was outstanding.

I cannot wait to go back for more mussels!


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