Exceptional Bar Food @ Takoda Restaurant and Beer Garden

I was so looking forward to this past weekend to not only catch up with Kemah but to also discover Takoda Restaurant and Beer Garden, in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC.

I have been following Chef Damian Brown (IG: @kissthech3f ), Executive Chef at TAKODA for about a year now.

Trust me when I say that I have not been able to resist drooling at the sight of his luscious dishes on my Instagram timeline.

It was time for me pay them a visit!


Takoda is a two-level restaurant with a bar on the first floor and the restaurant/beer garden/rooftop on the second level.

Unfortunately for us, there was no seating available on the restaurant level so we dined in the bar area.

The menu is very limited and as such all items on the menu need to be on point, as least in my opinion.

We started off with glasses of Chardonnay and Rosé with an order of the Signature Chicken Wings with the evening’s special Blueberry and Lemon Sauce.



I was quite hesitant about the blueberry component of the sauce.

It was different and delicious.

Couln’t stop eating them!

You all know how much I love Chicken and Waffles.

Takoda’s menu features a Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle that I almost fell for but I had to resist.

I am currently on the WeightWatchers program and knew I would regret my decision.

So I went for a leaner option, same as Kemah, the Grilled Pork Loin.


This delicious and tasty piece of swine of served with roasted brussel sprouts, tasso ham, cauliflower purée and a smoked maple onion marmalade.

There was also an option for a Shrimp Skewer, which we both selected.


The pork loin was wonderfully seasoned, filled with flavors that reminded me of African spices.

Every single component of this dish was outstanding on its own and perfectly married to build this succulent dish.

The cauliflower purée was smooth.

In addition, we also ordered the Rosemary Tater Tots.


I truly was not expecting to be WOW’d by the side but turned out to be unbelievably good as well.

Again, EVERYTHING was delicious and the food exceeded my expectations.

Who knew cauliflower purée would taste so good?


Service was great.

If you’re ever in the Shaw neighborhood and looking for great bar food, TAKODA is your spot!

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