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I cannot begin to explain how honored I felt when Sandra Kemayou, Founder of  SK Retreat, asked me to return to cater her 2nd Annual My Sister’s Keeper Retreat in Sundance, Utah.

 Last year’s retreat had about 12 women in attendance and here I was having to prepare dishes for almost double the number of participants. 22 women, mostly African were the attendees of this  retreat. The pressure. African women and we know some of us can be so critical LOL (just keeping it real). I was shaking in my boots lol. Would they be open to the variety of dishes I planned to serve?

All these thoughts went through my head.

Despite being nervous, I was very excited for the opportunity to revive and awaken the women’s spirits through comforting dishes filled with love and soul.

. With my vision in mind, I asked God for inspiration, prepared the menu and committed it all to Him for execution.

Have you ever been to Utah?

This state is purely amazing, breathtaking with picturesque mountain views, canyons.

These pictures do not even accurately illustrate how serene the views are.

Let’s get to the throwdown!

Thursday – Welcome

Upon their arrival to the mansion and after settling in, the ladies were served Fruit Punch, CHIN-CHIN (by Natural Sweets) and Fruit Trays.

Thursday – Dinner

Crab Mac ‘N’ Cheese & Jerk Chicken Wings

Friday – Breakfast

Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip French Toast Casserole & Sausage Frittata.

You may wonder what’s a Frittata? It’s such a simple dish with fillings of your choice topped with egg batter.

For this morning’s Frittata, I sautéed onions, bell peppers, spinach and sausage, whiched I topped with the battter. I baked the dish until the eggs were fully cooked.

Friday – Lunch 

Couscous with Lamb and Beef Stew (with Butternut Squash, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Carrots and Cabbage).

It was my first time making this Algerian meal which I hoped the ladies would embrace.

They loved it!

I saw a few of them going back for seconds, thirds.

The Stew was serviced with Mediterranean Curry flavored Couscous.

Friday – Dinner

The setting for this dinner was laidback, chill and relaxing, sort of a get together with all of the ladies.

There was a PJ Party planned after dinner so I wanted to provide super comfort and casual food for the evening.

We had Pork Ribs, Hamburgers (with all the fixings), Potato Chips and Grilled Corn.

The ladies loved the jerk seasoning on the wings so I smothered some of it on the burger patties as well.

I had leftover Lamb Leg from the Couscous that I did not use.

I decided to season it and throw it on the grill.

After about 2 hours, Dany and I wrapped it in aluminum foil to ensure that it was fully cooked all around.

I thinly sliced the lamb for the ladies and it was so delicious, tender and filled with flavor.

I also teased the ladies’ taste buds with some sweetness, a Berry Buckle, which is a combination of cake and berries topped with a light cinnamon crumble.

Saturday – Breakfast

Mini Ham and Swiss Cheese Croissants.

The Frittata was a total hit the previous day so I decided to make it again but with shrimp this time around.

Before we knew it, it was all G O N E!

Saturday – Lunch

An escape to Senegal is where I took the ladies.

Poulet Yassa is a famous traditional Senegalese dish with ingredients like lemon and mustard.

It is made with chicken, onions and olives.

If you love spicy, you can throw in a couple of habanero peppers.

They returned for seconds and just like the Frittata it was gone in 60 seconds!

It was served with White Rice on the side.

Saturday’s Rose Blush Gala Dinner

Yes, Gala Dinner.

Sandra theme for the gala dinner was rose blush.

Eurykah Fon Ndumu (Owner of Ascheris Event and Design Services and founder of NoMamiPikinLeftBehind) and I set out to plan the decor and setting for the occasion.

It was so beautiful!

Gala Dinner Menu

I took the ladies through a 4-course culinary experience.

First Course: Spinach salad with Strawberries, Feta Cheese, Balsamic Drizzle

Second Course: Shrimp Ceviche

Third Course: Baked Salmon topped with a Vegetable Medley in Tomato Sauce

Fourth Course: Apple and Almond Cake topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Toasted Almonds

Amazing dinner!

The ladies loved the freshness of the ingredients and were very well pleased.

I am looking forward to catering more events and SK Retreats in the future.

I’ll end with this quote I came across about passion:

“Give power to the calling. Tune into your heart’s desires. Live it. Breathe it. Beam it.”





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