1920’s & Fine Dining @ Firestone’s Culinary Tavern

I know that Frederick, Maryland is quite of a hump from the most frequented areas of Maryland such as Silver Spring, Bethesda, etc…but its food scene is one that has not disappointed since my move in November 2016.

Its historic downtown area lodges a strip of restaurants, bars and shops to venture to and discover on a beautiful day and/or evening.

Firestone’s Culinary Tavern is a gem in the downtown district of Frederick, with a menu that ranges from simple to fancy dishes, in a building that dates back to the 1920’s.


My dinner companion for this escapade was Harlette, a dear friend who just recently moved to Frederick as well.

What a great way to welcome her to the neighborhood!

With menu selections that looked so salivating, it was really hard for us to make up our minds.

We started off with libations and requested 2 of  Firestone’s Punch, which had a tropical and boat ride vibe to it, according to Kris, our server.


He didn’t lie and was right on point with his description.

This cocktail was amazing!

Still unsure of our appetizer choice, bouncing back and forth between the Steamed Mussels or Baked Oysters, we finally went with the Oysters.

We had peeped the bowl of Mussels, which was quite a huge portion.

We wanted to make sure that we had room in our bellies for our main entrées and dessert, of course!

As we waited for our appetizer, Kris served us with a Zucchini Bisque, compliments of the Chef.


Very green and packed with flavor and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Look at those baked oysters.



I was sure hoping that they’d taste just as good as they looked.

A MUST if you ever dined here or should I say, if it’s on the menu the day you visit as the menu offerings change daily.

The Oysters reminded me of pizza with the tomato sauce and parmesan crust.

They were gone in 60 seconds!


Shortly after, Kris came by our table:

“Here’s a Pineapple Sorbet to cleanse your pallets before your next course”


This was totally unexpected and was delicious!

You bet we were now anticipating the arrival of our entrées with salivating taste buds.

The food had been great so far and our exceptions were high.

Harlette’s Selection: Braised Lamb Roulade – Black barley risotto, glazed carrott & parsnips, pickled ramps and mushroom veal glaze


The lamb was braised for hours which explains its tenderness.

The Black Barley Risotto was equally delicious.

My selection: Pan Seared Scallops – Little antietam dairy goat cheese risotto, roasted tomato & red pepper, cipollini onion and white wine jus

What a treat.

The scallops were perfectly cooked.

The risotto was surprisingly good.

The roasted tomatoes and red peppers.

Every single aspect of this dish was amazing!


I wish they served more cipollini onions, I loved them.

Our friend Lem, who was visiting from New York, joined us a tad bit late.

She went for one of the Tavern selections on the menu, a hamburger, quick and easy so that we wouldn’t miss our 10:30pm Wonder Woman showing!


 She requested a fried egg on her burger, which I’ve never done and it was so good!

The burger was on point with the char from the grill, the smokiness of the meat.

Oh, how do I know?

I tasted it because I knew I’d have to tell you how good or bad it was in this post, right?

Time for dessert!

Harlette and Lem went for the Peach Cobbler, which wasn’t that great (as least to me).

But the Vanilla and Almond Creme Brulée, LAWD!


It was EVERYTHING, especially with the toasted and glazed almonds they served on the side.


I am salivating just at the sight of this delightful dessert.

I was far from expecting to have a 5 star culinary experience at Firestone’s.

I’ll say this:

Don’t be fooled by it’s casual dining décor and 1920’s atmosphere as the setting does not match the high level of quality and service offered at this restaurant!


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