Authentic French-Inspired Fare @ Chateau West

I know what you’re thinking:

“What am doing eating French Cuisine while in Nashville?!”

Let me explain.

Friends and I were in town to celebrate a mutual friend’s graduation from Meharry’s Dental School and his fiancé (one of my bestest friends and a future Doctor as well) was also celebrating her 30th that weekend.

Being the gentleman that he is, Dr. Yopa planned a dinner for his lovely wife-to-be at Chateau West in the West End neighborhood of downtown Nashville.


The restaurant prepared a special 3-course menu for the occasion.


For starters, I selected the Onion Soup, which I was not too impressed with.


Perhaps it was too hot for me to savor all the flavors?!


Harlette enjoyed her Escargot starter and loved the broth.



My selection for the 2nd course was the Salmon.


This dish (well, the Salmon) was truly the star of my dining experience at Chateau West.


Probably thee best I’ve ever had.

Perfect crust on the outside.

Flaky and delicious on the inside.


The blueberries and raspberries added a sweet touch to the dish.

The green beans were perfectly cooked and the mashed potatoes were good as well.

Harlette’s Beef Bourguignon was amazing!


The beef was so tender and reminded me of pulled pork in terms of its texture and appearance.

We ended the evening with a custom-made cake by Delectable Delights by Andie, which Cedric drove down from Atlanta to Nashville.


It was perfect for the celebrant and amazing to say the least!


The owner and staff at Chateau West were very pleasant, which added a plus to our dining experience and celebration.

The Crew



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