Regional Cuisine with European Influence @ The Tasting Room

I keep telling you all that though Frederick may be far out from the city, the food scene is one not to ignore.

I had the pleasure to dine at The Tasting Room for the 2nd time in the past 6 months and I have to say that it has made its way on my dining list of favorites in Downtown Frederick, Maryland.

The restaurant is located in a 1920s building however, it’s perfect for date night and a simple get together with your girlfriends.


Let’s also not forget about the bar area for the gentlemen who may want to start out their evening with sips prior to moving to dinner.


This time around, I was dining with my girlfriends (who are now sisters) and I was super excited to share this experience with them, in hopes that they would also enjoy the food at The Tasting Room.

Disclaimer: The prices are a bit up there but it’s definitely worth it.


We were immediately seated for dinner as it wasn’t a busy night.

We literally had the whole restaurant to ourselves and also probably due to the fact that we had a late reservation.


I started the evening with a glass of Moscato D’Asti.

We were served a basket of bread and butter while reviewing the menu.


We made our selections and were impatiently waiting to dive into these amazing dishes.

Harlette and I went for one of the T|R Classics: The Colorado Lamb Rack.




This dish was amazing and exceeded my expectations.


The lamb was well seasoned, the Moroccan and middle eastern flavors were present in the Couscous.

It was simply delightful!

Olivia selected one of the seasonal entrées: Langenfelder Farms Pork Rib Chop.


This dish looked so pretty and refreshing with the hints of greens and red hues from the tomatoes.


The pork chop was breaded and then fried.

I can definitely say that she loved it because there was NOTHING left in her plate but the bone.

Now, I saved the best for last.

I LOVE seafood and that is exactly what Sonia went for: Fishermans Seafood Stew.


Filled with shrimp, scallops and friends, this dish looked so appetizing.

Though my dish was great, I almost regretted not going for this one.


Everything was delicious.

We made room for dessert and ordered 3 to share.


Harlette’s selection was the Nutella Mousse Cake.


It was very good.

The bottom layer was very similar to fudge.

Olivia went for the Creme Brulée, which I did not photograph.


The Avocado Lime, Jalapeneo and Cilantro Syrup components had me intrigued and curious.

So, I went for the Cheesecake.


It was very distinct in terms of flavor.

Very similar to plain cheesecake with a twist.


The Tasting Room did not disappoint in making our dining experience a memorable one.

The service was great.

Our server, Andrew, was very pleasant and helped make our experience an amazing one.


If you are ever in Frederick and are interested in discovering the food scene, click HERE to view more dining options.




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