Steamed Crabs @ Fisherman’s Inn and Crab Deck

My brother, his wife and their son are visiting from France and we really wanted to make sure that they had a wonderful stay, filled with adventure and food, of course.

After touring the key monuments and spending about 12 hours in New York City, we headed over to the Chesapeake Bay for some legit crabs.

If you did not know, the state of Maryland, the Bay (more specifically) is known for the Maryland Blue Crab.

Fisherman’s Inn and Crab Deck was my pick for my French folks to experience the Bay and some great seafood!


What I love about this place is the location.


Right on the water, surrounded with docks, boats, ducks and a lovely view.

It really does not get better than this especially when it’s not extremely hot and you can feel the breeze.


The deck in my opinion is just perfect for eating.


We were immediately seated upon arrival and began to browse the menu.

For starters, I requested the Mango Madness, which had Vanilla Ice Cream, liquor and a few other components that I do not recall.


However, it was very good and refreshing.

Aurore (my sister-in-law) ordered the Lemon , which she loved and mentioned the lemon tasted freshly squeezed.

Then came time to get to the most important part of our 1h45 minute trip: The Crabs.


We started with 1/2 Dozen of Hot Steamed and Seasoned Crabs (medium-sized), priced at $25.00 and an order of Hush Puppies.

The pricing for the steamed crabs varied based on the size you requested.


Look at these babies!


I sure could not wait to get to that freshly steamed crab meat deliciousness.


Man, these crabs were ON POINT!

They were perfectly seasoned and steamed.

We got our eat-on immediately!




We crushed these crabs!


The Hush Puppies were equally as good.

Freshly made and tasty!

Before we knew it, they were gone!


They are usually served with butter on the side but I never use it!

To me, they are perfect, just the way they are.

We were still hungry and ordered two Seafood Pizzas.



It was good but the cheese was a bit overpowering to me and prevented me from truly enjoying the shrimp, crab meat and bacon on the pizza.

In addition, we also requested a side of French Fries, which was yummy!


In terms of service, it was horrible and could have been better.

Cathy, our server, was extremely slow with our orders and never apologized.

The food was great so it made up for the bad service.


All in all, we enjoyed family time over delicious food.




I am happy that they all enjoyed the experience, except for my brother who hates crabs because it’s too much work!

Well, the work was worth it for me because they were amazing!


Though the service was bad, I would definitely return and absolutely recommend this Kent Island escape.

Just make sure that Cathy isn’t your server.


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