Spanish & Mexican Cuisine @ Cacique Restaurant

When we moved to Frederick, Maryland late last year, I was eager and determined to not only get familiar with my new neighborhood but also discover the various restaurants in the area, especially in downtown Frederick.

Downtown Frederick is filled bars, antique shops, boutiques and restaurants.

Great area to have brunch, lunch or dinner over the weekend, walk the strip and appreciate the sight of historic buildings that have retained their antique look.

The Hubby and I recently discovered Cacique Restaurant.

First of, the line was long when we arrived.

I always think that this is a good sign and shows that the restaurant has great food.

Not only was the line long but the restaurant was fully packed!

Though we had reservations, we waited for our table for close to 30 minutes.


We were finally seated and immediately started browsing the menu for our dinner selections.

In the mean time, we were served with Tortilla Chips & Salsa.


Next were our drink orders: A Margarita for Terence & a Frozen Peach Margarita for me.


Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the Frozen Peach Margarita and was able to switch it to Terence’s Margarita, which was ON POINT!

The Guacamole we ordered for starters was fresh and really good.


The menu had so many selections that we didn’t know where to start.

We ended up going for the Stuffed Salmon with Crabmeat & the Stuffed Lobster, which were selections from the Spanish Cuisine Menu.

Stuffed Salmon with Crabmeat

The portion were huge and guaranteed to fill you up.

What I was tickled about was the quantity of Steamed Vegetables on Terence’s Salmon plate.

He could’ve used a little more vegetables.


The Salmon was perfectly cooked, tasty and the crabmeat was fresh.

Terence could not stop talking about the Homemade Seafood Sauce that they drizzled over his dish.

Now, the stuffed lobster was huge.


It was filled with crabmeat, scallops, mushrooms, shrimp and also topped with the same homemade seafood sauce as Terence’s dish.


The seafood was so fresh that I felt as though I was eating at a restaurant on the Eastern Shore, close to the water.

The service was great as well.

Our waitress was very nice and made some great recommendations.

We ended up not ordering any Spanish-influenced dishes so I am looking forward to another visit for a Seafood Paella, perhaps!

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