Sushi + Asian Fusion @ Lazy Fish Sushi

Are you in Frederick, Maryland and looking for an amazing Sushi experience?

Well, look no further and head over to Lazy Fish Sushi in historic downtown Frederick!

I have been following Lazy Fish’s Instagram page for a few months now and could not wait to pay them a visit.

Their delicious looking Sushi, Root Beer Ribs and Cocktails had me salivating every time I scrolled their feed.

Here we were, the Husby and I, ready for this experience.


We were warmly greeted by Executive Chef Pong (owner of Lazy Fish) and a member of his team, who were standing behind the bar.

Lovely setting, perfect for date night, dinner/cocktails with friends.


We began our Sunday lunch with cocktails.

The Lemongrass Mojito for me.
The Yuzu-Rita for Terence.

So inquisitive, Terence inquired about the Yuzu Juice, which our server stated was similar to lemon juice.

Yuzu-Rita (left) & Lemongrass Mojito (right)

Both of these cocktails were amazing and perfectly made.

Whenever I order a Mojito, I always request that it’s made sweeter.

However (for some reason), I did not make that request this time and I was not disappointed.


Terence was equally pleased with his Yuzu-Rita as well.

I don’t know about you but I always feel like Sushi is not quite filling and was ready to sample various items of Lazy Fish’s menu.

Let’s get to our selections.

I have to have Edamame, always!


So good and perfect as we waited for our food to be served.

We went for the Nola and Marley Rolls, which were both listed as Lazy Sunday Specials.


A choice we did not regret!

Marley Roll (left) & Nola Roll (right)

O M G.

Marley Roll

Beautifully crafted.

Nola Roll

We could definitely feel Executive Chef Pong’s passion through these pieces.

Sushi was followed with the Asian Wings and Coconut Shrimp.



The Asian Wings were tasty, tossed in a spicy honey sauce.

We definitely felt that little ting of spice, which was not overpowering but well balanced with the sweetness of the honey.


Now, the Coconut Shrimp was outstandingly delicious.

O M G.


The marriage of that Asian Coleslaw with the Crispy Kale was on point!


Just delightful.

Terence even wanted to place an additional order of one of the items we had just devoured.

Then later changed his mind saying: “let me not be greedy”.

That’s how delicious the food was.

I couldn’t stop there, I wanted dessert and wanted to try their Tempura Ice Cream.

However, the server misunderstood and served their Cheesecake Tempura, which was OK.


I actually liked the combination of the crispiness of the tempura and the cheesecake, soft with crispy crunches in my mouth lol.


In addition, the strawberry drizzle and whipped cream were also perfect.

The service was good and I loved the fact that they bring you a bowl filled with warm water for your hands.

That was nice.

Need I say more? I don’t think so.

I also had a chance to meet and briefly chat with Chef Pong.


Very nice and humble individual.

If you’re looking to host a birthday dinner or private party, there’s a 2nd floor that can be reserved for your party, with all the privacy you need for you and your guests.

To Executive Chef Pong,

Thank you for such an amazing Asian Culinary experience!

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