Southern BBQ @ Black Hog BBQ & Bar

I no longer need to travel down South for some authentic BBQ.

I grabbed a quick bite at Black Hog BBQ & Bar the other evening and boy was I pleased!


Located in the heart of Downtown Frederick, Black Hog BBQ prides itself in the fine quality of good and service provided at their restaurants.

All of their meats are smoked in-house and daily.

I’d say this is more a casual dining spot to grab a quick bite or drinks with the crew.


The Classy “Hog” Cocktails all looked super tempting.


I was thinking of the Punch Drunk or Hog Wild, which are very popular at Black Hog.

But per the bartender’s recommendation, I went for the Punch Drunk cocktail.


It was fruity, tropical, fresh and surely had me feeling like I was laying on the beach.

When it came to my menu picks, I went for one of the BBQ Sandwiches: the Carolina Chopped Pork.

The Carolina Style Chopped is typically chopped (obviously) or pulled and served with a vinegar based sauce.

They offer two types of vinegar sauces: Lexington (tomato based vinegar sauce) and Eastern (vinegar and spice sauce).


It came with one side so I chose their Potato Salad (I love me some potato salad).

I also added a side of Cornbread, which I love as well!


Per my previous experience at BBQ joints, I’ve always felt like the pulled pork was a bit dry.

I don’t expect it to super juicy but a bit moist.


The pork was not dry at all!

The bartender shared that they keep some of the fat in which prevents the meat from getting so dry.

Oh, it was perfect!

I reached for their BBQ sauce offerings and poured the sauces on my sandwich.


All 3 of them.

I love mixing flavors.


It was so good.

So was the Potato Salad.


As well as the Cornbread.


I really enjoyed my selections and the bartender was very nice.


I will definitely return for some Smoked Ribs & Mac’N’Cheese!



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