Sunday Dinner with The Kitchenista @ Gateway DC

I never even knew that there was such a celebration as Friendsgiving until I heard of Sunday Dinner with The Kitchenista, the 1st Annual Friendsgiving.


The dinner, hosted by The Kitchenista, was simply to break bread with DMV locals, an opportunity to meet and connect with people in the food business and industry.

In addition, interacting with local small business owners, over a robust menu uniquely curated for the holidays, with fall-inspired dishes featuring meat and produce from local purveyors.

I attended the event with my foodie friend Phoebe, who strongly recommended it + her cousin was part of the organization team.


The event began with Happy Hour and Appetizers.

I sampled the Smoked Oyster Stuffed Mushrooms, which were delicious.

I wasn’t able to capture them with my camera as my hands were full with goodies I purchased from some of the showcased small business owners.

I arrived a little before Phoebe and had the pleasure to sample Boozey Bears by TCapri Gourmet Treats!

Just imagine gummy bears, tasting like Peach Sangria, Martini, Crown Royal Apple or even Merlot?

I had never tasted anything like it and the flavors were on point.

I purchased the Peach Sangria and Crown Apple Boozey Bears!

Meet Tiffany, the brains behind Boozey Bears!

As soon as Phoebe arrived, I pulled her to the Boozer Bears table so she could sample some of the showcased flavors.

She fell in love and purchased some as well.

Happy Boozer Bears customers!

 We then proceeded to the open bar, YES!


Phoebe loves her Rum so she requested a Bourbon + Coke.

I went for the signature drink, the Floradora, which was very good, light and refreshing.

The Floradora

As you can see, our evening was definitely off to a great start!

The Kitchenista announced that dinner service would start soon & we all proceeded to the dining area.


Full room, packed with all shades of melanin, lol!

I loved the touch of fall in the setup & decorations.

Kinda gave the room a barn-like vibe.


We were excited and ready to indulge.


We sampled more appetizers, which were delicious.

Sausage Meatballs

They were yummy but a tiny bit salty.

Ham and Brie Crostini

Let me tell you, I had about 3-4 of the Crostinis.

I loved the sweetness of the cranberries with the savory taste of the ham.

Our first course was introduced, a simple salad with locally-sourced greens from a Black-owned farm in Beltsville, Maryland

The greens were drizzled with a Pomegranate and Molasses Vinaigrette.


This course was served family-style on each table.


You could taste the freshness of each and every green on this plate.

When I hear the word “molasses”, I want to run for my life!

Have you seen what it looks like?

But I have to say that it was perfect in the vinaigrette so KUDDOS to the Kitchenista!


Next course was one of my favorites, Cornbread, served family-style in a cute basket.


It was delicious and warm.


I spread a little bit of the Jalapeno Butter on it and it was amazing!


Again, perfect pairing of savory and sweet flavors, though I’d like to add that the Cornbread shined by itself.



Ya’ll ain’t ready for the next course: Chicken, Andouille Sausage & Crab Gumbo!


We were given huge servings and I am not complaining!

It was warm, delicious with chunky pieces of chicken.

You could see the crabmeat and sausage peaking here and there throughout the bowl.

This dish was definitely the highlight of the evening.

It also reminded me of my mother’s Okra Soup from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

We usually cook ours with more okra, smoked turkey, beef, crabmeat and smoked fish.

Some prefer to eat it with Fufu and others prefer White Rice, as it was served here.



Up next was the last course, dessert.

The Kitchenista definitely spoiled us.


The Caramel Decadent Brownies were so rich and delicious.


According to Phoebe, one piece was sufficient enough for her.

Not only could you taste chocolate but there were also some coffee notes which was different and good.


I have never heard of Buttermilk Pie. Have you?


Unfortunately, it was not a favorite.

But the Sweet Potato Pie, OH MY LORD!

The Kitchenista with her Sweet Potato Pie Tray, ready to change our lives forever!

Somebody say: AMEN!

Thee best I’ve ever had.


It was perfection. Delight. Pure goodness.

Phoebe is not a fan of this dessert but surprisingly fell in love after I insisted she give it a try.


We did not try the Banana Pudding.

Stuffed and pleased is how we left this event.

The ability to network with fellow foodies, business owners and the community is an absolute plus to any dining experience!


Angela (The Kitchenista),

Thank you so much for an amazing dining experience!

For more information, recipes and event dates with The Kitchenista, click here.

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