Mexican Cuisine with a Twist @ Habanero

One of the things I enjoy about traveling is the opportunity to discover new restaurants.

I’ve been to New York quite a few times and I’ve only visited Manhattan and Harlem. This time around my travels to me took me to the Bronx.

That is where I discovered Habanero Mexican Cuisine, a family-owned business, serving Mexican Cuisine with a twist est. 2017.


Habanero is a small and very casual restaurant that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

I strongly advise visiting on an empty stomach so that you can indulge to the max!

For starters, we requested the Sorrel Juice which was one of the today’s juice offerings.

 Quite impressed as they nailed the flavor of this Jamaican drink, which reminded us both of our Ivorian and Camerounian cultures as we also drink it back home.

We were served a basket of Tortilla Chips + dipping sauces, which were really good as we made our menu selections.


For our main selections, we stuck to the taco section of the menu.


However, Cedric wanted to try their Elote Loco.


I had never tried it before as I had no interest in corn with toppings (I prefer the plain roasted or on the cob type) but Habanero completely changed this for me.

It was perfectly roasted/grilled and the topping was absolutely amazing.

I am not sure if I’ll be open to try it at another restaurant or joint as Habanero’s was exceptional.

Let’s get back to our tacos.

Cedric went for the El Pastor + Carnitas Con Chicharron Tacos.



Carnitas Con Chicharron

Though these two tacos were filled with flavor and delicious, his favorite was the El Pastor.

El Pastor

I am a seafood lover and went for the Camarones Crujientes Enchipotlados with Pico de Mango + Salmon Asado, Escareche de Pina & Habanero tacos.


At this point, my taste buds were doing the happy dance.

Salmon Asado, Escareche de Pina & Habanero
Camarones Crujientes Enchipotlados with Pico de Mango

Both of these seafood tacos were outstanding.

I added a little bit of the red dipping sauce to both and it added another layer of flavor and spice to each tacos.

We couldn’t get enough of the Tortilla Chips and ordered more.

The following day, we ordered Quesadillas or take-out: The Tinga de Pollo, The Pollo Asado and the Carnitas.


The service was equally as great.

Also, I really loved the presentation and how they plated these simple and casual items.

Our waiter was very welcoming, warm and made great menu recommendations.

I could not leave without meeting the face behind Habanero’s offerings.


I met Daniel Aguilar, Habanero’s Executive Chef and thanked him for gracing our taste buds with such amazing food.

I have added Habanero to my go-to food spots in the Bronx and so should you!


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