Modern American Cuisine @ Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen

Located in the Bronx’s Mott Haven neighborhood and in the Clock Tower landmark building, Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen is all about providing its clientele with an extraordinary modern American dining experience.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited my friend Steve who lives in South Bronx.

Linda (Steve’s fiance) told me all about Charlie’s during our bus ride to the city that never sleeps.


I have to say that all along, I thought Charlie’s was a mom and pop stop for a quick bite. However to my surprise, it was more than just that.

Charlie’s is your spot for dinner with friends, late night drinks or even happy hour.

With their kitchen located in the center of the venue, you can get a glimpse at what the chef is preparing to serve guests.

Given Linda’s description of the restaurant, I was quite eager to experience what they had to offer.

Our experience kicked off with libations.


It was only fair for me to begin the evening with a drink named after the restaurant, Champagne Charlie, and also because I love passionfruit.


The mixture of lemon juice and passionfruit allowed for a nice balance to this cocktail, a perfect blend of acidity and sweetness.

Now time to make our menu selections.

We started with the Brussel Sprouts.


Topped with Parmesan, yum.


Grilled to perfection with a sprinkle of lime.

They were so delicious that I had to remind myself that this appetizer was being shared with the others at the table, lol.

Steve and I requested the Jerk BBQ Ribs.


They were served with a side of Wedge Potatoes.


As well as Green Beans, my favorite.


I was looking forward to the tingles on my tongue from the Jerk seasoning on the ribs.

I like spicy foods.

However, I think the BBQ flavors were very dominant, which left the jerk flavors non-existant.

That was disappointing.

The Potatoes were OK, nothing outstanding.

I loved how the Green Beans were coated with garlic bits, which made it even more delicious.

The Risotto was Cedric’s choice, with shrimp.


The plate, or should I say the presentation did not render the dish appetizing to me.

On the other hand, Cedric really loved the Risotto and was very much pleased.

The Fried Chicken, Linda’s choice, looked and tasted delicious.


It was so tender and well seasoned.

The down side to this $13 plate was the fact that it did not come with any sides, not even vegetables.

Cedric and I opted for dessert: The Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream & the Flan.


I was quite disappointed with the flan and thought it was a bit stale.

According to Cedric, his chocolate cake was OK and could’ve been better.


Overall, my dining experience was OK.

I hear their brunch is amazing but I’m a bit skeptical as everyone’s taste is different.

The service was great, our server was warm and kept checking on our table.

The only two items I really loved were the Brussel Sprouts and the Fried Chicken.

I really don’t know if I’m interested in giving Charlie’s another shot.

We’ll see.



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