Sunday Brunch @ Hootch + Banter

Who better to take with me than my girl Phoebe, who unexpectedly showed up to Frederick  this weekend.

Due to my amazing dinner experience, I had to follow up and bask in what Hootch & Banter had to offer for Brunch.

Let me start by saying that Executive Chef Christian Blouin put his foot in every single course we annihilated, literally.

We started off with libations.


The Simply Sangria caught my eye and that is what I went for.


And honestly, there was nothing simple about this cocktail.

Now, make sure you stir it well before sipping.

It was refreshing, it was EVERYTHING.

Phoebe went for the Chandon “Limited Edition” Rebecca Minkoff Rosé, which she loved and requested a new serving for each meal we devoured.


Our first course was special.

Chicken Wings marinated for 24 hours, served with Buffalo Sauce and Blue Cheese.

Listen, you need to try these wangs!


They were so good, perfectly fried and honestly, you didn’t really need the sauces.

What a treat!

Chicken Wings were followed by a Charcuterie and Cheese Tray.


Our Charcuterie picks were the Truffle Mania and Sweet Coppa.

Our Cheese picks were the Ubriaco Di Recioto and the Bleu Cheese (can’t read the full name from the picture).

The tray was presented with all of the accompaniments listed.


Where do I start?

Everything on this platter was yummy.

I can’t even pick which one of the cheeses was the best because of how good they were individually.

Oh, the Ubriaco cheese was soaked in red wine, which I thought was pretty cool.

Phoebe also stated it was a standard grocery item in her home.

Now try this: On a slice of bread, smear the house made Whiskey Mustard, a little bit of house jam and the Ubriaco or Bleu Cheese.

Then, take a bite or why not just put it all in your mouth!


Phoebe also had their Mediterranean Salad, which was simple but yet delicious.


I know you’re wondering about the sweet part of our Brunch escape.

After the wings and the charcuterie platter, I am not going to lie, I was a bit full.

But I could NOT leave the premises without something to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Zoe’s Pancakes!


I was sold at Buttermilk lime however I had never had Kumquat and was ready to experience it.

Oh, the description had me at Bourbon too.


Now, this dish usually comes with a stack of 4 but I requested 2 because I was stuffed.

The pancakes were AMAZING, with a little hint of lime when you’re just about to swallow that last bite.

The Chantilly, nothing like I’ve had before.

It had a super smooth and silky texture in my mouth.

The bourbon! The bourbon!

I also requested the Pomegranate Mimosa to go along with this yummy brunch entrée.


It was a nice balance with my sweet selection.

I loved it.

Just as my first visit, the service was truly outstanding.

Mike (our server) made some great recommendations and his friendliness and positive attitude took our experience to another level.

Brunch was truly delicious and I strongly recommend it.

I have my eyes on the Breakfast Prime Burger and the Steak & Cake Brunch entrées.

You bet I’ll be back to devour those!

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