Sweet + Savory Brunch @ Fire Food Drink

Listen to what I’m about to say:

If you ever find yourself in Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio, you MUST (I repeat, YOU MUST) stop by Fire Food Drink.

First of, I loved the chill and casual atmosphere of their outdoor seating area.

Then add a warm and lovely waitress to make a great experience.

It was a bit warm to say the least but the shade helped with making us comfortable.

After browsing the menu for a bit, I asked our waitress for recommendations.

She literally said EVERYTHING on the menu was good.

Well for starters as always, a Mimosa!


I have to say that it was by far one of thee best mimosas I’ve had.

When it comes to brunch, I’m always looking for a sweet and savory combination so I tend to order two entrees.

There I was, requesting the Vanilla Mascarpone French Toast + Shrimp & Grits, two of my favorites.

Let me start with the latter, the savory part of my experience.


This dish was nothing less than spectacular: nora mills southern grits, compano blue shrimp, creole sauce and remoulade.

What was even better about this meal is the quantity of shrimp.

It was definitely more than what I’ve been served at other restaurants.

There was just one thing wrong with this entree: NOT ENOUGH!

I wanted more!

The sweet part of this brunch was just as spectacular as the savory.


Brulee banana, raspberries, creme anglaise, almond and maple.

This dish was pure heaven.


Every bite was phenomenal.

Kia’s Masala Fish Sandwich was delicious and spicy.


The French Fries were perfect, crispy and hot and I could not stop eating them.


I would definitely come back for the Lemon Souffle Pancakes and Croque Madame.

That sounds so good in my ear right now!



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