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Akara (large platter): $100

Crepes (plain): $3.00 each || Crepes (Nutella or Preserves): $3.25 each

Curry Fried Rice (large platter): $125

Shrimp Curry Fried Rice (large platter): $165

Fried Plantains (large platter): $100

Green Beans (large platter): $45

Jerk Chicken Wings (medium platter): $80 || Jerk Chicken Wings (large platter): $140

 Jollof Rice (2 large platters) + Stew (large platter): $300

Mac’N’Cheese (large platter, bacon): $85

 Mac’N’Cheese (large platter, crab meat): $125

Peppeh Chicken (Whole) 20-Wing Platter: $80

Pineapple Upside-Down Rum Bundt Cake: $65

Poulet Yassa (large platter, side of medium white rice): $150

Red Snapper Platter (2 fish, with side of Attieke, Garnish and Peppeh Sauce): $90

Roasted Potatoes (small platter): $45 || Roasted Potatoes (large platter): $80

Suya (medium tray): $110 || Suya (large tray): $210

Contact us for more details to book our Private Chef + Catering Services for your next event!

Please note that pricing may vary for out of state and out of the country private chef + catering events.

Gold Foil Banner_18x2 inch