Seasonal American Dining @ City Perch Kitchen + Bar

This weekend I escaped to City Perch Kitchen + Bar, a stylish venue that  offers seasonal dining options with a Bread Basket to die for in Bethesda, Maryland.


Prior to any restaurant escapades, I like to browse the menu to have an idea of what I may be interested in diving into.

The menu literally had me wanting to try a dish from EVERY section, leaving me with salivating tastebuds.

 My girlfriends Harlette and Josine tagged along as well.

For starters, I began the evening with the Illegalito Cocktail, which is the lovechild of a Passion Fruit Mojito and a Fresh Pina Colada, spiked with Bacardi Maestro Rum.

I don’t recall tasting any Passion Fruit but it was very good.

Clearly, I was the only one up for cocktails as Josine went for the Strawberry Lemonade and Harlette (who was just getting over a cold) had hot tea throughout dinner.

We also ordered the Bread, Butters + Spread Board, which was truly the highlight of my dining experience.


The selections were Cayenne + Parmesan Popovers (which I LOVED), Chinese Butter Buns (AMAZING), Honey Dipped Corn Bread and an Orange Sage Biscuit.

Definitely a MUST when you visit!

Per John’s (our server) recommendation, Harlette and I ordered the French Onion Soup, with an interesting twist: enriched with braised beef short rib, gruyere and white cheddar gratin.

I wasn’t quite impressed with the soup. However, Harlette loved and ate it all.

 For our entrées’ selections, we picked the Lamb Chops Special (Josine), Roasted Long Island Duck (Harlette) and the Filet + Lobster (myself).

Josine’s selection was served with a little mistake. She requested to have the fingerling potatoes switched out to French Fries and wanted her chops cooked well.

The dish was served with the potatoes, sent back to the kitchen and served with the correct side.

Unfortunately, the lamb chops were not cooked as requested, which was immediately resolved.

The chops were delicious and well-seasoned.

Harlette was not impressed with the duck, which was also a little salty but edible.

When my dish was served, I was a little shocked to say the least.

What are those little two things chilling on top of my Filet?

Is that the Lobster?!

I thought this was a joke.

I was expecting a Lobster Tail.

Needless to say that the dish was very good and the filet was on point.

Earlier on, I switched out my French Onion Soup for a side of Mac + Cheese, which did not disappoint.

 John asked if we were interested in dessert, we were like:


To our surprise, to make up for the mistake, he offered a dessert on the house.

We selected the Deep Dark Chocolate Chocolate Donut.

The Manager came over to our table and offered 2 more desserts on the house: The Banana Split Tart & the Raspberry Red Velvet Pavlova.

Can’t say no to FREE FOOD!

We definitely found some room in our bellies to stuff some of these desserts.

The service was IMPECCABLE, from the time we checked in for our reservation to the end of our dinner.

They went OUT of their way to make up for the mistakes, which was greatly appreciated.

All in all, great spot for dinner and cocktails.

Hoping to visit again for Sunday Brunch!

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